Maximizing the Power of eCommerce to Grow Your Business

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Even before the pandemic, eCommerce was a hot topic. Now, with more people than ever purchasing products and services online, it’s even hotter! We’ve had so many manufacturers ask us about selling online that we’ve partnered with eCommerce consultant, Curt安德森, to present this informative webinar event on how manufacturers can stop being a best kept secret. Curt会帮忙… 阅读更多

Concept to Reality: Manufacturing Technologies Go Mainstream

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Bob贝克曼, article for Ag Innovator Magazine. When Henry Ford optimized his assembly line some 100 years ago, the changes and advances he made quickly left the confines of the four walls of his factory and became the fuel for an industrial revolution we have been optimizing ever since. 现在雷火竞技app看到了由技术驱动的变化. 概念是… 阅读更多


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It’s no secret today’s manufacturing recruiting environment is brutal! HR managers have to work harder than ever to find and keep employees, while continuing to keep up with all the other HR functions – and that’s not to mention tackling the myriad of changes and challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re suffering from HR fatigue and could use … 阅读更多

连通™ 供应链 Visualization Tool Demonstration

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连通™是创新的, easy to use online solution for connecting and optimizing the supply chain in Missouri and nationally. It provides access to thousands of manufacturers and their capabilities through a searchable supplier database that connects manufacturers, buyers and suppliers to help them strengthen their supply chains and grow profitably. This amazing resource is available to Missouri manufacturers at … 阅读更多

供应商的噩梦? 不要恐慌——为明天做好计划.

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汤姆·戈登, CPIM-F Two questions are fighting each other in the nightmares of supply management: – “When will this craziness end? 以及“雷火竞技app如何为这种变化做好准备。?” There is a fact that must be faced – the old ‘normality’ will not be the new ‘normal’.  这其中有一些很好的理由.  一个主要的原因是…… 阅读更多

Cobots & Automation in Manufacturing It Might Be Easier than You Think

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You’ve heard about cobots and 机器人 and Automation. 他们听起来很酷, 但也许你觉得他们“不是你配得上的”, 或者很难建立,而且价格昂贵. Now it’s time to know some facts about how cobots have become more affordable and user-friendly. With today’s labor shortages and all the advances in manufacturing automation, it’s no longer a … 阅读更多

Lt. Governor Kehoe Prepares for Buy Missouri Week 2021

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第四届, 10月9日- 16日, 2021年立即发布日期:10月7日, 2021联系人:艾米Berendzen, 通信政府573年.751.4010年杰弗逊市, MO – Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe is pleased to announce the fourth annual Buy Missouri Week, 10月9日到10月16日. 由立法机关指定的, Buy Missouri Week encourages Missourians to purchase Missouri-made products in support of those who … 阅读更多

Not So Much a Chain, More a Wild and Wasteful Stream! 谁将建造“大古力大坝”?

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汤姆·戈登, 圣诞节马上就要到了,但是, if current reports of supply disruption are credible, then it is not only Tiny Tim’s stocking that will be empty on Christmas morning! If Tiny Tim is expecting a NIKE product in his stocking, he should take heed of Matthew Friend’s statement: “We are not immune to the global supply chain … 阅读更多

雷火竞技app 2021: Make it a 劳动力 Marketing Opportunity.

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雷火竞技app, 2021 is happening on October 1st.  MFG Day is an ideal way for manufacturers across the country to showcase the important role Manufacturing plays in the nation’s economy and how important manufacturing companies are to their communities.  With the workforce pool such a challenge right now, MFG Day is also a unique opportunity for Manufacturers to tell people … 阅读更多


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Bob贝克曼, 密苏里州的企业 Project Manager What once seemed like science fiction is quickly losing the fiction and is a part of many manufacturing facilities today.  机器人, or more specifically cobots (collaborative robots) have been around for a while, 但采用的速度一直很慢, 包括密苏里州, 雷火竞技app需要用… 阅读更多